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Unique bags and accessories handmade in Italy from upcycled sails

J-M Sails and Bags designs and produces one of a kind bags and accessories handmade from upcycled sailcloth and marine-grade canvas.  Each creation is unique. An authentification label traces the maritime history of the yacht from which the creation has come to life. Who buys, therefore, can trace the path of his purchase: Which ocean has sailed? Which races won? What famous skipper has sailed with it? ...Not two sailing yachts have the same story to tell.

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What sets J-M sails & bags apart is its philosophy of upcycling, lending life to used materials not only by recycling but by upgrading it into something functional that can be used on an everyday basis. 

Our company focuses on high-quality custom-handmade products made from vintage sailcloth and marine-grade canvas, 

For more information about the prime materials we use, please contact us:
Doing this, we contribute, even if it is only a tiny little bit, to a more sustainable world.
It is important not just to protect the environment, but to give something back to society.

We care about our customers and the environment that is why we have an eye for quality and details, so your acquisition lasts as long as possible.
If you have a prefered colour, letter(s) or number(s) please contact us, so we can find a solution to make your dream bag or accessory.