Professional sail repair and maintenance

19 March 2018
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We are pleased to announce our new sail maintenance and repair services.

From January 2018 on J-M Sails and Bags offers sail maintenance and repair services.
Some local sailors from Rimini, Italy, asked me if we could help them to look after their sails and/ or repair them. To be honest we never thought about it but obviously, it makes complete sense. Working with a product you know, make people happy and give the sails a longer lifespan. That is all that J-M Sails and bags stands for, great!

The problems and the solutions we found and solved to make it work.

The biggest issue was time, you only have 24h a day to sleep, eat, spend time with the family and work (making bags and accessories). A friend came to the solution asking: How did you manage your time when doing the overnight services at sailing events?

Another problem we solved was space. To check and repair a sail efficiently you need that little bit more space than when you only make bags and accessories. Again, thanks to friends and our experience working in pop-up sail-lofts during sailing events like the Volvo Ocean Race or America's Cup, we worked that one out quickly.

Sail maintenance and care:

Sail care and repair include a full check of the sail and if needed repair or reinforce. 
Even if it looks desperate (see pic) we will try to find a solution.
Jean-Martin has more than 20 years of top level sailmaking background in sail lofts, overnight sail repair services at sailing events, has worked for professional teams, America's Cup, Volvo Ocean Race,...


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