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14 October 2020
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     Hi all,
first of all, I want to apologize for the no news at all during the past months, it was a bit hectic for us.
During the lockdown, not much happened in the boatyards, sail lofts, rigging world,... It was a painful couple of months for the marine industry in general.
Then a miracle happened, Italy allowed people to go boating and travel again. First things first, and all the refits and maintenance work on the yachts had to be done in a hurry because everyone wanted to be the first back on the water, before a possible lockdown again.  
We did set the bag business aside a bit to do more sail repairs/adjustments like changing the UV protection on genoas. We did loads of canvas work like biminis and all kinds of covers and made custom products for sail events.
At J-M Sails and Bags, we couldn't help everyone and we have sent boat owners to competitors we trust for their work. We didn't want to compromise the quality of our work and have unhappy people complaining. In the end, the opposite happened, phonecalls from "lost" customers and business competitors to thank us for the outstanding "service". At the end of the day, it was a win-win situation for everyone. The owners were happy, competitors and we happy. 
Now that we are full-time back in the bags we will launch some new models soon. Stay tuned!



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