J-M Sails and Bags provides bags for podium finishers Antwerp Snipe Cup

14 March 2018
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One week before the Antwerp Snipe Cup 2018 the organization called me if it was possible to make something useful to give to the top 3 contenders of the event. We said immediately YESS because we had "carte blanche". J-M sailed Snipe dinghy a bit and knows what those "serious sailing, serious fun" yachties like.
To make a long story short, we made Bravo duffel bags in 3 different sizes. We came with a white body of the bag, black numbers and class logo to match the colours of the race announcement. The red handles ( together with the white ) are the colours of Antwerp and we chose grey to add some colour and stay neutral towards the sponsors of the race. On the inside, a personalised authentication label.
Congrats to all participants and we hope you all enjoyed the weekend on and off the water.


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