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31 July 2019
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What a hell the last few months it has been.

Beside making bags from vintage sails and canvas work, we are also busy in the sailing world. We travelled around Europe and the Caraibiens to help sail lofts, sailing teams and sailors. Repairing and or recutting sails overnight during events was the name of the game.
The good is that we stay in touch with the sailing community, that we can chase sails that are put to bed or ready to be "bined" and find ideas for new bag models and accessories.
The bad, it is time-consuming:)

Talking about the new model  fashion sail bags;

- The "Lima" shoulder bag that features stainless steel grommets, adjustable rope handles and a zippered closing sewed on an extension. In the case you need more space, just fold it out and you have a bag with more volume.

- The "Tango" is a small sports and chick handbag to carry your life essentials in style. For the first time, we have added canvas under the webbing straps so they are a bit stiffer but very comfortable in the hand. To keep everything safe there is a double inner pocket from which one is zippered. The stylish stainless steel "Loxx" button gives the purse even a more yachting look.

If you have a prefered colour, please contact us:

Jean-Martin Grisar

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