Sail repair at the extreme in "Paradise".

1 May 2020
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As we offer sail consultancy services we are often called by world-leading sail making brands and racing teams to help them with sailmaking and repairs. That is how we are involved in some of the bigger events in the sailing world and how we stay in touch with !the who knows who" of yachting. 
Last year as an example our Jean-Martin Grisar to give a hand to the overnight sail services at the "Bucket regatta" in paradisiac St. Barth. 
To apply to race, yachtsmen must receive an invitation and enter boats 100 feet and up.
Everybody thinks and says: "how lucky are you to go to St Barth", "enjoy your holiday", "have a cocktail on me",...
To be honest, for the overnight repair services, and especially for the sailmakers, it is more like a famous song called "Highway to hell" :) 
While everyone is partying after sailing, we start to deploy the shredded sails and give them some love. The biggest problems are time, space and human power, all this in extreme heat and humidity?!
A quick explanation of how it all works: the person in charge of the service loft gets a phone call from a yacht about their sail issue. The crew of that yacht brings the sail to the pop-up sail loft after sailing. After all the sails are collected a detailed work list is made. The sailmakers do their "magic" until all the repair jobs are done.
A bid more detailed so you get the picture: the "sail loft" is about 15x7m, an average kite 900 square meters, a main or headsail weigths around 300kg with luff lengths up to 80 m and foot 25 m.  I can't remember how many sails we serviced exactly during the period we were operational, but we arrived at 8 AM to give the sails back to the yachts and go straight into the not "urgent" modification works until the yachts were done for the day... repeat 10 days.
The positive points? THE TEAM, professionalism of everyone, the view from our "office".


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