Duffel Bravo Large, carbon / kevlar / blue / red

€ 159
VAT included

Unique Large square-ended sailbag
- The body of the bag is made from a carbon/kevlar 3Dl sail.
- Navy-blue marine-grade canvas sides and front pocket
- Double zippered canvas front pocket.
- Red internal color.
- External and internal zippered pocket.
- Long black handles give you plenty of carrying options.
- Authentification label. 
- Handmade from up-cycled sails in Italy.

Length: 60cm 
Height: 30cm 
Width: 30cm 
Outside pocket: two in one style,  L 20 cm x H 18 cm. 
Inside pocket for valuables: two in one style, L 18 cm x H 15 cm.  
#10 heavy-duty zipper
Two handles in marine grade 40mm webbing
Purchase one of our  sailcloth accessories to complete the package