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Tote Mike, white and grey

  • $125.00
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Introducing the Tote Mike, a stylish and eco-friendly shoulder bag. Handcrafted in Italy, this bag is made from upcycled sailcloth and canvas, with a lining from recycled downwind sailcloth. Soft nautical rope shoulder straps provide comfortable, hassle-free carrying.

The Tote Mike is unique in its design and construction. It features external and internal double pockets, perfect for keeping your essentials, valuables and personal items close at hand. An authentication label tells you a bit more about your bags` previous life.

This bag is perfect for those looking for a contemporary look. With its unique design and construction, the Tote Mike is sure to turn heads. Specs: Top: 58cmHeigth: 39cmdepth: 19cmExternal pockets: 18cm x 24cmInternal pockets: 20cm x 18cm.