To us it doesn't make sense to ship upcycled products to the other side of the world, so we decided to ship only in the EU. Contact us if you look for a local business in your area.

Sail care and repairs


Let us service your sails and keep them in top-notch conditions. Nothing beats experience when it comes to sailmaking and sail care. We use the same repair techniques used during the Volvo race, TP 52, or America's cup so your sail will last even longer and perform better. Contact us for information.

In the movie: Sailcare at the extreme @St. Barth mega yacht race week. We needed 3 men to sew webbings back on this mega yacht sail in our pop service sail loft.

Photo credits, Amalia Infante. J-M putting a sail back together that blew out somewhere around Cape Horn during the Volvo Ocean Race.

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