Efficiency is king.

24 January 2020
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Towards the end of a great 2019, we had a brainstorm at J-M Sails and Bags.
We were more focused on the negatives than the positives and came to the conclusion we had to: work on our communication, be more versatile, be more time-efficient and... we have to go back to our roots SAILMAKING.
Why and how? Used sails are the prime material of our products. to chase them is easier when you are in contact with the sailing community. The next season, J-M joined a pro sailing team to take care of their sails. We are also looking if sail lofts need a hand during major sail events for the overnight sail services (like we did last year) and hopefully, we can announce another project soon. Keep posted! 
What does it mean for you? Not much will change, we expect there will be more sailcloth and color options. For the "of the shelf" products nothing will change, you make your order and we ship within 2 working days. For the custom items, if you order them when we are out of the office, it might take a few days longer before we ship your product. 
We worked quite a bit on our production efficiency. We reorganized our workspace, looked into the artistic and administration side (photos and website) to optimize our time.
That's it, back to upcycling sails now.

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