To us it doesn't make sense to ship upcycled products to the other side of the world, so we decided to ship only in the EU. Contact us if you look for a local business in your area.

How we do it: Cutting up a sail ( Tips: get help from sailing school kids)

Step by step we will show how we make our products made from retired sails and canvas.

First things first:

Before we can do anything we have to dismantle the sail completely, removing all the hardware like lines, corners, lufftape,...  After, when chopping the sail into pieces, we mark the spots of the sail that are to ruined or dirty to make a great looking product.

Couple reasons we do this work in one go: A sail is big and not really easy to move around. We go to an open space to open the sail completely so we have a better view and cut it into panels a bit wider than the need for our biggest standard product.  We label the easy to stock cloth rolls until we need them for production. Besides the handling and storing advantages we also have less waist. You want to make products from a certain cloth? No problem, you take one of those rolls, put your templates on the cloth and "nest" as good as possible,  draw the lines and cut the pieces. 

The leech and foot lines we have removed from the sail we use in our packaging bags, (made from recycled spinnaker cloth). That packaging bag you can use as a pouch as soon you have unpacked your product.

The "safe" to use hardware like rings or blocks we donate to local sailing schools, sea-scouts or local projects.


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