To us it doesn't make sense to ship upcycled products to the other side of the world, so we decided to ship only in the EU. Contact us if you look for a local business in your area.

Custom canvas covers for your sailboat, by J-M Sails and Bags.

Yacht care custom protections of your sailboat by J-M Sails and Bags

What sets us apart is the versatility of the projects we have worked on with a variety of demands. After I have learned the basic skills of a sailmaker I started working for professional racing teams where a completely new world opened to me, the world of "Everything is custom made". From deck covers to shades to stacking bays and bags to galley curtain to anker bags, it everything is one of a kind made. 

Canvas work to protect, and make your yacht look great

One of the most interesting places to be was the Volvo Ocean Race. Every single yacht had different measurements and configurations, hardware placement on and below deck, and every crew had his wish list as well. I can't remember how many custom sets of each item I made and every time I had to make some modifications. Every item had to be a tight fit, lightweight, and easy to use. 

A yacht has to look at her best all the time. 
Did you ever walked in a marina looking at yachts and told yourself: "What a beauty, everything matches". Besides the tight fit and being practical, every bag and cover has to be in harmony with the style of the yacht and the owner. (Once, we made a set of bags for the owner of a classic yacht, same colors and style as all the canvas work we did for his yacht. When a tourist asked the owner if he was going to the yacht moored over there, he suddenly had a big smile on his face.)
Photo above: matching canvas work.

For all the canvas projects we use new marine-grade products,. We give advice to the owner or boat captain of the yacht, who chooses the color, what cloth is best for a specific item before we go into the finishing details, and the production.

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