To us it doesn't make sense to ship upcycled products to the other side of the world, so we decided to ship only in the EU. Contact us if you look for a local business in your area.


Ordering/Shipping Questions

Where does J-M Sails and Bags ship?

We accept orders for shipping addresses almost worldwide. You can also email us at: for more information.

How will my order be shipped?

All European orders will be shipped using GLS, BRT or UPS. For world wide shipping our preferred shipping company is UPS.

How long does it take to process and ship my order?

Most orders are manufactured within 3-8 business days. Based on the order's destination, shipping times usually vary between 2-15 days.

How can I track my order?

You will receive an email from the shipping company containing tracking information when your order ships.

Can I cancel or change my order after it's placed?

You may change or cancel any standard product order at any time prior to shipping. For Custom Design orders, you may change or cancel your order at any point prior to production. Once you have approved your Custom Design and has gone into production it becomes non-refundable.

Can my order be gift-wrapped?

All purchases arrive packed in a reusable recycled downwind sailcloth bag. Because J-M Sails and Bags was founded on the principle of upcycling, we feel it’s important to stay behind the cornerstones of our brand.

Returns & Exchanges

What is J-M Sails and Bags’ return/exchange policy?

We accept all items for credit or exchange within 30 days. Gift recipients are entitled to a nonrefundable merchandise credit. Custom Design orders are non-refundable.For Sea Bags products purchased at a retail boutique, department store or specialty catalog not owned by J-M Sails and Bags, please contact the store where your product was purchased to obtain information on their return policy.The customer is responsible for shipping returns.

How long will my return or exchange take?

We process all returns and exchanges once we have received the original item. For exchanges, there may be a manufacturing period of 3-8 business days before your new item ships. For returns, all refunds or credits will be processed within one week of receiving the item.

Product Questions

Are your bags waterproof?

Stitch holes and some cloths are not considered waterproof so consider it more like water resistant.

What is a zippered interior pocket?

A zippered internal pocket is pouch that is stitched on the interior of the bag, resting against the back of the bag, and above the bottom of the bag. It serves as a stash pocket for valuables, keys, and ice cream money.                                  

Why doesn’t the bag I received look exactly like it did on the website?

All of our sails have been sailed on boats long before coming to our shop. While we wash the material, our product may have signs of hard sailing and its previous life on the ocean or lake. In addition to character marks like water spots and rust, it’s also common for our products to have other features from the original sail like stitching or hardware. We believe all these facets speak to the authenticity of our recycled sail products and make each bag wholly unique.

What is the repair policy?

Any fabric bag, will wear over time. Any repair on a product over 6 months old is considered normal wear-and-tear and the customer will be responsible for covering the cost of shipping. We reserve the right to charge for any repair.

How do I care for my J-M Sails and Bags products?

You can clean and wipe off most stains. The white dacron    and canvas          bags are machine washable (low temperature). The laminated (plastic with colored yarns) bags don't hold the dirt usually. If it happens, just wipe it off. Please contact us if you need any instructions.

What do you mean with UNIQUE?

We make out products from used sails. Every sail was fitted on a different yacht and was made with specific goals in mind (cruising, racing, coastal or offshore sailing, one-design,...). When you look at the cloth you will see yarns going from one side to the other. That is where "One of a kind" comes into play! You can not reproduce that yarn layout because every piece of cloth is hand-cut from a different part of the sail and will have the strings orientated differently. Also, every sail had a different program, sailed on another ocean, had personalities onboard. We keep track of all that and mention it on our authentification labels inside the bags. 

Why do you use sustainable materials?

Committing to using sustainable materials as much as possible, like used sails, canvas and rope ends benefits the environment by reducing waste. Every little bit helps! 

Why does my friend’s bag look different from mine?

 (see What do you mean with UNIQUE)Every piece of our bags is cut by hand from a used sail, that probably sailed quite a few miles.No two of our bags will ever be alike. Every sail wrote its own history on a cruise, a yacht race or during a long trip. 

Your bag carries a story! 

Used sails go through a lot of wear before being up-cycled. The first thing we do at J-M Sails and Bags is inspecting the sails, cut the useable parts out of it, that is profoundly cleaned. We do our best to have our products as “white” as possible, without using an aggressive product and preserving the authenticity of the sail.

Do you accept custom orders?

Yes, we do! If you have a preferred color, size, letter or number, please contact us.